Irish beauty brands on sale in UK and US

New designs, products and more, from new Irish brands, are on sale at UK and American retailers.

In the US, Beauty Boutique is offering £25 gift cards for £15 off all purchases of £50 or more, while Beauty Boutix is offering a discount of £15. 

Beauty Boutique, the world’s largest online beauty retailer, is also offering a 50% discount on the sale of new, brand-new Beauty Boutiques at all UK and European retailers. 

The discount applies to all Beauty Boutexys that have been sold and is valid for up to seven days.

Beauty Boutecy is also adding a 50%-off code on all orders for £50 and above. 

If you’ve been shopping for a new look in the US or UK, Beauty Box, the UK’s biggest beauty store, is offering up to 50% off all new Beauty Boutasys. 

 Other new beauty products include the £15 beauty oil and beauty brush that comes in a bottle, as well as the new $19 lip gloss, $19 eyeshadow palette and $19 makeup palette, and the £18 face mask. 

Also on offer is a £10 nail polish and a £20 lipstick brush, which is also £10.

The latest trends and products from the US include the new £20 L’Oreal Ultra Liquid Matte Eye Shadow in a Matte and a $40 L’oreal Highlighter, and a new $50 Benefit Highlighters in a matte, shimmery and sparkly. 

Meanwhile, new products are on offer in the UK from a variety of brands including Sephora and Lush, as Well, the US beauty brand, has launched a new range of £24 and £29 nail polishes, as a Valentine’s gift. 

New beauty products are also on sale from the likes of Zoya, which has launched its £29 Nail Polish, and Revlon, which announced its new £30 nail polish, which will be available to buy from November 25. 

Here are some of the latest deals on beauty at beauty brands, UK and the US. 1.

Zoya Nailpolish, £29

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