How to save $10,000 with an affordable dog boutique

Lily’s Pet Boutique in Toronto, Canada, is an adorable boutique that specializes in dogs, puppies and cats.

But its owners have decided to give it a makeover.

The shop’s owners, Stephanie and Mattie Lill, are looking for a way to sell more dogs and cats than they have stock of.

The Lills said they’ve been selling out of their pet supply for months.

“We’ve been very busy, but we’re not done yet,” Stephanie Lill told CBC News.

The two owners of Lily’s have put together an ad that includes a link to their website and a video to help them sell more animals.

“So we just wanted to give them a heads up, if you’re a pet person, this is something you might find really appealing,” Stephanie said in the ad.

Stephanie and her husband, Mattie, started selling pet supplies at the Lill home when they were young.

“I was like, ‘We don’t have to buy everything, just give us something that we can give back to our family,'” Stephanie said.

“That’s what we started doing when we were kids.”

Stephanie and the Lills have also created an ad in which they explain how the business is going to change.

“It’s all about giving back,” Stephanie says in the video.

“Every day we are working to make sure that our pets are getting the best care possible.

So, for each day that we are able to sell out, we are taking care of the pets that we do.”

They’re also using social media to share their story, posting a photo on Instagram and Snapchat, and asking for help on Facebook.

“The last two weeks have been really stressful,” Stephanie told CBC Toronto.

“But this is the best thing that’s ever happened for us.”

Stephanie’s husband said they’re trying to raise money to continue their business.

“This is really important to us,” he said.

They’re looking to sell the shop to someone who can take care of their animals.

Stephanie said she hopes to have the shop open soon.

“If I can sell more than a little bit, we can make a lot more money,” Stephanie explained.

“And I think we will be able to take care, and we’ll be able keep all of our animals.”

If you or someone you know is looking for help with pets, visit Lily’s Pets Boutique on their website.

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