When you’re tired, look to the stars for a stylish weekend dress

Girls’ boutique dresses are a must-have for a weekend getaway.

And if you’re feeling a bit down after a tough weekend, the lookbook has you covered.

Here are some basics for those with little time to spare.


Dress up in a little bit of the season The season is about to kick off in earnest and with plenty of sunshine to boot.

Wool has to be thick on the ground in order to stay warm, so choose something with a little more breathability and a little something to make you feel like you’re walking on air.

A scarf is the perfect choice, as is a pair of long-sleeved jeans or a jacket with an oversized collar.


Buy some high-waisted trousers A bit of summer fun is all about choosing a pair that will look good and will be easy to move around.

It may sound obvious, but think about how much you love wearing jeans, and think about what you want to look good in.

Take a look at our top 10 denim jeans for summer and find a pair for yourself.


Look for a high-cut dress with high neckline and a high waist The neckline is important in a high cut dress, as it is where you want the skirt to reach.

High necklines mean that the skirt is going to be low-cut, which can be great for an under-the-arms look.

The waist is a little tricky, as the top of the skirt will need to be at the opposite end of the waistline, which makes it tricky to position.


Get the right shade of blue or brown The right shade can make a big difference to how your dress will look.

Yellow and brown are the perfect colours for an elegant dress, but it’s also great for a casual look, too.


Find the right skirt length A great dress can be both casual and stylish.

Choose a skirt that has the right length for you, as well as your shape.

If you have a tight waist and long legs, consider choosing a short skirt that can be worn with a long-cut coat or jacket.


Get a nice dress shoe This is one of the most important things to remember when shopping for a dress, so make sure to select the right shoes.

Choose a pair with a comfortable toe box that you can easily move around and that is comfortable enough to keep you from looking like a dress shoe.


Get something cute and fun for the weekend Dress up with a cute pair of sunglasses, a pair a hat, or some fun accessories.

Make sure you pick something that will add to the look and make you look more fun.


Pick a dress that has a bit of personality You’re going to want to pick something special for your weekend, so look for something that reflects the mood you’re in.

Make sure that the dress fits well on you, so that you won’t have to adjust it as you change into your favourite outfit.


Keep it simple for the girls in your life If there is one thing that you want your daughters to know, it’s that they can do anything that you put them to.

You need to make sure that they are able to put the effort into the dress they wear.

For girls who are older, be sure to get something with some personality and a bit more flare in it. 10.

Find a fun outfit that’s fun to wear It’s important to make it fun to dress up, so pick something with something that’s a little different from the rest of the weekend. 

Take your time to pick a fun colour and make sure you make sure it has a good amount of sparkle and shine.

This can make it more comfortable to wear and will make you more attractive to girls in general.

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