What to know about the Bates Sisters, the Lash boutique, and the other boutique brands that are emerging in Mumbai

By Bedi KumarThe Lash is a luxury boutique chain based in Mumbai.

The sister brands, which include the Bate Sisters and the Brimm boutique are all growing.

The sisters are not only leading the way but they are also the leading force behind this trend.

The Bates sisters, the brand has a market cap of $3 billion.

The Bate sisters are leading the trend, with their products offering high-end quality and affordable price tag.

The sisters were born out of a time when fashion was more expensive than ever.

Now, the sisters are able to offer a range of high-quality items at a price that people can afford.

Bates sister line, the BATE sisters, is a part of the global fashion industry.

The company has sold about 6 million pairs of shoes, shoes, accessories, and even hair extensions.

The products are made of leather and rubber.

The range is made of many types of products and the prices are competitive.

The products include shoes, suits, jeans, dress shirts, shoes and even swimwear.

The brands have also started selling jewellery.

In addition, the company offers an online store that has also expanded to other markets such as the UK and the US.

The brand has also developed an online shop.

The Brimm, a boutique brand, has also grown.

It has been around since 2012, but its growth has been slower than other sister brands.

In fact, it has not seen a lot of growth as it is a brand that is not widely known.

However, the Brims sister brand is also growing, as its range of products are not cheap.

The Brims range of goods include shoes and accessories, as well as swimwear and swimwear accessories.

The prices are not high but they can be affordable.

Brimm is a subsidiary of the French luxury brand LVMH.

The daughter of the company’s founder, Audrey Brims, Audrey has been active in the fashion industry and is also the founder and managing director of the Brim Beauty brand.

Audrey has helped to make the brand famous.

Brims products are affordable and include everything from the B-grade to the premium.

The boutique brand of the Bays sisters is a small boutique, but the brand is not the only one of the sisters.

The other sisters, Brimm Sisters, have their own boutique brand.

The Lumi sisters, are another sister brand, and they have their products at affordable prices.

In addition, a few other sisters have opened their own fashion shops.

One of them, the Lumi Sisters, has opened its own store at Shibuya Station in Mumbai, which has a large number of clothes and accessories for sale.

The shop is open seven days a week.

Another sister, the Waka Sisters, is also in the business of selling high-priced clothes and shoes, which is a bit of a trend in Mumbai right now.

The Waka sisters is also a sister brand of The L’Oréal Beauty brand, but their products are also more expensive.

In contrast, the Sisters of the Wind are not selling their products in stores, but they still sell online through their own store, called Waka Women.

The other sister brand in the Mumbai fashion scene is the Brum Brothers.

The name means “brothers” and it is one of these sisters, which means “one of us”.

The sister brand was founded by two sisters, Marjorie and Sarah, who are the managing director and head designer respectively.

The two sisters also run their own clothing shop, which sells their clothes at affordable price.

Brum Brothers is an independent boutique brand and its product range is mostly made up of luxury items.

The quality is good and the price is affordable.

The women wear them at home.

The sister brands are expanding in Mumbai and other parts of the country.

The girls are also taking a bigger part in fashion and marketing.

Marjory Brum is the head of the brand and she is the managing partner of Waka Brothers, while Sarah Brum runs the sister brand.

They are the second sister to launch their own brand.

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