How to fix the Republican problem

The Republican Party’s problem isn’t so much that its members don’t know how to run a government but that they don’t understand how to do it.

It’s not that the party’s base doesn’t want a government; it’s that they simply don’t have the political savvy to make it work.

They don’t think that government should be in the hands of anyone except the president.

They’re not interested in making laws.

They just want to be told what to do.

They want to run their government, they want to govern, and they want a tax cut.

They hate having to work.

If you’re one of the party elite who thinks it’s your job to run the country, it’s easy to imagine how they’re going to respond when faced with an election year that requires them to make the difficult choice between their jobs and their families.

If Republicans are the party of government, the Democrats are the political party of the working poor.

They can’t afford to make this choice.

If Republicans are not a party of working people, they’re a party that can’t run a federal government.

They have to make a choice: Do you want to spend $4 trillion a year to help you or do you want the federal government to help?

The Democrats are a party for the rich, and if you look at their party platform, it is for the wealthy.

The Republican platform is for everyone else.

If you think that the Democrats should be run by people who don’t need government help, then you are the sort of person that the Republicans are going to need to recruit and retain.

That’s why the GOP will do what it does best, which is get out the vote.

I’m not going to be the first Republican to point this out.

Every day, I hear stories from Republicans who are trying to make their case to Democrats.

I hear from people who have tried to convince the Republican base that they should be running for office because they are the only ones who understand what it’s like to be poor.

But the Democrats know better.

The party that will win elections for the next two years is not going do that by telling you how to vote.

It will do that simply by showing you how the Republican party does it.

Democrats understand that the wealthy don’t care about the middle class, and the middle-class don’t want government help.

That is why the Democratic Party, like the Republican Party, is going to spend money to win elections and convince voters that the Republican’s tax cuts are the best way to help them.

That strategy has worked well in the past.

Republicans have been able to get millions of voters to vote for President Bush because they promised that if you paid your taxes, the government would help you.

Democrats, like Republicans, promise that if the government is there to help, you will pay your taxes and they will help you get ahead.

There’s a lot to like about the Democratic platform.

It is the best plan of action in a world of two different parties.

And it has helped the party win elections in both of those years, because it’s a plan that doesn’t ask the wealthy to pay their fair share and it doesn’t promise that the government will help everyone.

It says what you’re going be asked to pay for in taxes.

That can work well.

The other thing I love about the platform is that it is not a plan.

The Democrats don’t run the program.

They run the party.

They tell you what to pay, how to pay it, and what to give up.

It tells you how much you can borrow and how much the government can borrow.

That means that when the Republicans run their campaign, they don’ t ask the people of this country to give them money.

They ask the voters to give the government money.

As long as the Democratic agenda is about winning elections for Democrats, it will be the Republican platform that wins elections.

This article is part of the “The Best of National Review” series.

Read more about the 2012 election from National Review: How Romney lost, why he lost, and why he can win again.

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