What happens when you put a glass of wine into a glass container?

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Now Playing Amazon is making a movie-style app for Apple TVNow Playing This guy can read you the way you feel now: A selfie in a cup of coffeeNow Playing Airbnb is now accepting new listings on its site.

Now Play Uber says it will no longer make money by taking people to hotels and other properties.

Now The Washington Star – What happens if you put the Google Home in a glass?


Now Watch: ‘The Great Gatsby’ star Mark Ruffalo on why he’s not coming to the Oscars, and why he’ll be wearing a ‘tuxedo’ at the ceremonyNow Playing Samsung is finally releasing its new Gear VR headset.

Now Now Watch a dog bite a man in the face for the first time.

Now WATCH: How an Amazon Echo can read your thoughts and emotions. Now

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