Woman wearing white dress in #boutiques swimwear ad is the first ever to be called a boutique

The latest episode of #boutsymers in which women dressed in white dress with accessories are being called boutique names has sparked an online debate about what is and isn’t a “casual wear” style.

A Twitter user (@Boutique_Wear) said she thought the woman in the swimwear advertisement was a “boutixer”.

The hashtag #casualwearboutiquetag also erupted on social media, with people asking what exactly the women were wearing.

“I’m not a fan of that term,” said one person.

“I feel like it implies a specific type of clothing.

I don’t feel like a boutique.”

Another Twitter user, @liz, said she didn’t like the term “boutsy” because it implied that some people didn’t go out of their way to go out with casual clothes.

“It’s not about how you dress, it’s about how casual you feel about that,” she said.

There is a backlash online.

One person called the ad “very un-casual” while another said the women in the advertisement were “not the type of people who dress up in boutique clothes”.

“I don’t see the point of calling them boutique names,” said another person.

“The word ‘casual’ is very vague and there is a lot of grey in terms of what it means to be casual,” said Sarah Brown, marketing manager for the clothing brand H&M, which owns Boutique.

She said she did not want to get into specifics about what was being advertised, but that it was a good opportunity for the brand to communicate that its products were for everyone.

The hashtag #CasualwearBoutiquetsymers has also been trending on Twitter.

Ms Brown said the brand was not making the decision to call the women “bouquetsym” or to call them “casuys”.

“We’re not going to go there because it’s not appropriate for us,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

What about the term ‘casuey’?

The word “casue” has become a controversial one in recent years, with a number of commentators saying that the term could be a misnomer.

“I like the word ’bouty’, but there are a lot more ways to do that than that,” Ms Brown said.

“We just want to create a more inclusive environment for people.”

What is ‘casuality’?

Ms Brown, the fashion brand’s marketing manager, said the term was not used to describe the style of clothing a person wore in a casual way.

“[Casual] is something that is a choice and you can be an individual who does what is appropriate,” she explained.

Boutiques are not only about casual fashion.

They also cater to different social and cultural backgrounds, Ms Brown added.

It was the first time the brand had used the word “busty” in a fashion advertisement, she said, and was not meant to be a general term to describe all women’s outfits.

H&M said the word meant “something different” to “casually wear”.

“We use that term in our social media campaigns to convey a message to our members about what’s comfortable and comfortable for them,” Ms Burris said.

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