When the Red Dress Boutique comes to the US

When the red dress boutique returns to the United States, the first thing it will need is a brand new set of clothes.

But it won’t be long before it will have something to say about the way the country is looking.

“I don’t know if it will change the world or not,” said Kameli Khemka, a fashion designer based in New York.

“But it will definitely change the way I look at things.”

The Red Dress boutique opened in the US in 2006, selling a range of garments and accessories, but it quickly became a trend-setter and it has been a fixture at fashion shows across the US for years.

“They’ve really taken over fashion,” said Ms Khemkas husband, Mr Khemkati, who also runs a clothing store called The Red Shoes.

“You’ve got the new, bold, sexy, bold colors, they’re all new to the fashion world.”

The brand is best known for its red dresses and blouses, which feature designs inspired by the new year, but many of its designs have been inspired by modern fashion, as well.

“It’s kind of like a hybrid between the ’90s and the ’00s,” Ms Kamelis said.

“When we first started doing the red dresses, it was a totally different concept.

We were just a little more playful with it, and I think that was a big thing for us.”

The boutique is still based in the UK, but the majority of its stores are located in the United Arab Emirates.

In fact, the boutique is the second-biggest brand in the UAE, behind Jil Sander.

The first, Khembaa, is based in London, but is based out of Dubai.

“The brand is based right here in the Emirates, so we are definitely very excited to be back in the country,” Ms Khhemkas said.

The boutique opened with a “New Year’s Eve look” for the 2016 season, but has expanded to include new designs, including an elegant dress for a man, a floral-print dress for women and a black-and-white dress for men.

The red dresses have become a fashion trend around the world, with the red and white of the UAE flag now the most popular colour.

“We’re really pleased to have a new runway, which is something we’ve never done before,” Ms Pahlibhai said.

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