Gypsy rose to fame as ‘giant rabbit’

Gypsy roses have a reputation as the “giant rabbits” that can make you a millionaire.

Now they have a name too, and it’s a big one.

The famous flowers were first created by a group of Dutch settlers who travelled the Dutch East Indies in 1689.

They were the first of many crops to be grown in the Caribbean islands, which was then known as the New World.

Gypsy Rose was one of the first commercialised varieties.

The flower, native to the Dominican Republic, was cultivated in New York City for centuries and was exported to Europe.

It was also the first to appear in Europe, and the first in North America.

Today, it is cultivated in the Dominican republic.

Gypsies were introduced to Europe as a result of the arrival of Europeans to the New York area, and Gypsy Roses have become a popular commercial commodity.

One popular variety of Gypsy has been sold in New Zealand, and one of its most popular varieties is now being sold in the UK.

However, the Gypsy variety has never been widely grown.

“The gypsy variety was introduced to the Netherlands in 1688, and then gradually in 1788 it spread to the whole of the Netherlands, the whole island of Holland, and from there it became a popular product,” says Peter van den Bosch, a botanist and specialist in the botanical and floral history of New Zealand.

He says the Dutch introduced Gypsy to New Zealand with a large number of seeds, some of which had already been planted.

“So the gypsy varieties were introduced in a very fast fashion.”

The seeds were then collected and planted in New Plymouth and other areas of New England.

Gypies are native to tropical and subtropical parts of the world, and are cultivated in Australia and New Zealand for medicinal purposes.

It’s a popular food in the tropics and tropical regions, where it is eaten raw, and in South America.

The New Zealand Gypsy was first planted in the early 1900s, and was named for the Dutch settlers.

The Gypsy family were also the owners of the Rose Family, which owned the estate of Gypsie Rose, in the 1770s.

Today there are more than 10,000 Gypsy varieties in the world.

They are mostly found in the central, southern and eastern parts of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

In the eastern parts, there are a number of Gypys in Victoria, including the popular Red Rose variety.

Gyphies are also grown in a variety called ‘The Golden Rose’, and the New Zealand variety, the Golden Rose, is also widely grown in Victoria.

The Rose Family sold their estates in the New South Australia, Tasmania, New South Welsh and the Northern Territory to Dutch settlers in 1776.

The Dutch settlers brought the Gypsys to the colonies, and introduced them to the islands, where they were cultivated for their seeds.

“These people came into New Zealand and planted Gypsia in the north and the Golden Gypses in the south,” says Van den Boscher.

The gypsies are considered a part of New Guinea, and their seeds are used to make the famous ‘moo chuka’ drink.

The name Gypsy refers to the flower, which is a rose.

The flowers are made from the seed of the gypsia plant, which has two flowers, and they are used in cosmetics and perfumes.

The term Gypsy is derived from the word ‘gypsy’, which means ‘to come from’.

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